Blue. Which is probably why Jean always puts her in solitary confinement (aka grounded). Meeting Oz at 14 and joining the Knights of Favonius a year later, Fischl can be determined to be canonically 15 years old. After all, thrifty as she is, Mona understands that there's no need to indulge in a life of luxury. At age fourteen, Ajax fell in love with the woman known as Balladeer. level 1. [Genshin Impact x Female Reader, Yandere Scaramouche x Reader x Yandere Childe] [Mature themes warning and noncon/rape warning! Although she got a boost from the Gunnhildr name as the eldest child and successor to the oldest family of knights in Mondstadt, her reputable reliability is one definitely earned through her determination and dedication to protect Mondstadt. The moonlight was pale and sickly, choked by a collar of dusty clouds. RELATED: 10 Free Games To Try If You Like Genshin Impact. Said to be able to bring even the most chaotic storms to her mercy, all her crew know they can trust her with their lives. Scaramouche, known by his alias "Balladeer" (Chinese: 散兵 Sǎnbīng, "Skirmisher"), is No. They were not able to imagine their life without the other until they were trapped in Teyvat. Also- I did NOT draw any of the covvers I use for chapters. Scaramouche is described as a man with a slender figure and a handsome face. A self-proclaimed astrologist, Mona lives her truth as a Virgo. Her young and fresh mindset is exactly what people of Liyue need as her radical approach to life leads the future, teaching others to walk their own path. Balladeer 6 of the Fatui's Eleven Harbingers. level 1. Xiangling is Genshin Impact's culinary prodigy. share. Birthday: March 14. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; Paimon and Albedo: did you rile up the Fatui and get them to attack us. go fatui boy go, [[MORE]] Taming Tsuki. DEVIANTART. At the young age of 14 years old, Xianling is the waitress and head chef of the family business, Wanmin Restaurant. For example, her sweet flower projects that produce 70% more nectar. Uncensored on my Twitter / Pixiv. Fanfiction Humor Short Stories Genshin Impact Video Games ... Report ⚠Warning⚠ Childe/Tartaglia Childe/Tartaglia Pt.2 Diluc ⚡️Razor⚡️ Xiao Kaeya ?Scaramouche? Scaramouche is two-faced, first debuting in a friendly manner with the Traveler, only to be revealed by Mona during his second appearance that his plan was to strike down the Honorary Knight. Ningguang may not be a god, but she definitely acts like one. Stickers et autocollants sur le thème Gaming Pc, pour ordis, cahiers, gourdes et + Créations d'artistes Jusqu'à -50 % Fond blanc ou transparent He's also the Cavalry Captain of the Knights of Favonius, and trusted aide of Acting Grand Master, Jean Gunnhildr. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; Gray Sideface. He happened to stumble upon Fritz, a worker from the Dawn Winery whom the Traveler and Fischl were sent to find, and disposed of the meteorite that sent Fritz into a deep sleep. Also bringing her young mind and fresh perspective to a stuffy tradition, Xianling is all about enjoying what you enjoy. White « » … Tartaglia (in Chinese: 达达利亚, Dádálìyǎ), also known by his title Childe, is a major antagonist in Genshin Impact and a playable 5-stars character starting from the 1.1 Patch as a hydro-type character and belonging to bow-type of weapon class. With a memory of a goldfish, she still does seem childlike since she needs to be constantly reminded what to do. Born as 2600-some years ago as a thread of a thousand winds to an elemental spirit named "Barbatos" and finally, Venti the humanoid bard. Anemoculus … 2 months ago. Tetsuya Kakihara (柿原 徹也)[1] scaramouche genshin impact dragon au genshin au genshin impact genshin impact scaramouche dragons. Playtime is dangerous for anyone within a 30-foot radius of Klee. Reply. Height: 169.5cm. Genshin Impact manga, one of the most popular manga covering in Fantasy genres, written by MiHoYo. At the young age of 14 years old, Xianling is the waitress and head chef of the family business, Wanmin Restaurant. WEBTOON. However, his Virgo-ness is showing with his perfectionism. After all, how could he not be considering his manipulative tongue and strategic approach to missions. RELATED: Genshin Impact: 10 Things You Should Know About Barbara. Like everyone's younger sister that people can't help but root for in life, Noelle dreams big and wishes to be one of the Knights of Favonius. Genshin Impact received substantial press with a label of “Breath of the Wild but anime”, but this is not necessarily a drawback. Good thing for him Katheryne doesn't have the heart to remove the team from the books. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. You ready to be rocked by the guys in Genshin Impact? An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. Bio Scaramouche first appears as "???" According to rumors heard by Viktor, Scaramouche is not well-liked. So, do note that there will be a margin of error since most of the ages and heights educated estimates based on lore, character dialogue, way of acting, and overall appearance. With his keen senses and animal instincts (not to mention the long hair trailing down his body like fur), it's anyone's guess whether Razor was raised by wolf or is possessed by one. Korean Name If you want to find a SHIT load if fanart, check out the Genshin Impact server. „Genshin Impact“ ist das erste Open-World-Spiel von miHoYo und spielt in der zauberhaften Welt von Teyvat. Titles I sure as hell am ready. Everyone's favorite question: What's your favorite color? Carrying the lost practice of being an Outrider, Amber is the last of their kind among the Knights of Favonius. For Chongyun, his positivity are all he needs to fend off whatever evil spirits lurk nearby, making him perfect for carrying the exorcism family trade. That said, make sure to return your books on time because Lisa will come for you. Age: 20. share. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Instead, she functions practically and logically. 1 Xingqiu Fortune and wit. スカラマシュ Sukaramashu Very fitting considering her name. Never having actually seen an evil spirit since they flee from his innate high spirits, he'd still rather encounter one to improve on his skill. // TsukuyomiAkari ART BLOG. Leider kehrte in die Stadt des Windes, „Mondstadt“, noch keine Ruhe ein. Xingqiu Chongyun Kaeya� Xiangling is Genshin Impact’s culinary prodigy. Inazuma Characters that have been announced as upcoming playable characters by miHoYo. The cast of Genshin Impact is made up of all kinds of characters. They also have no way to prove their age to those in Teyvat as they aren’t from that world. NEXT: 10 Things We Wish We Knew Before Starting Genshin Impact. Notable Characters that are mentioned or seen in the game, manga, or other official media. Artist, translator, Super High School Level Cheeto Devourer. level 2. They are speculated to become playable characters in the future. Personality: calm, thoughtful, observant. Chinese Report Save. Idk. Unfortunately for poor Venti, he's stuck in a 15-year-old underage body and can't satiate his alcoholism. Scaramouche is first encountered during the event Unreconciled Stars. Even his fellow Harbingers dislike him.[2]. Birthday: November 2. 6 of the Fatui's Eleven Harbingers. Hypostatic Symphony Event Released! Gender: Male (he/him/they) Age: Unknown (but slightly older than Aether and Lumine) Height: 5'10. And who can blame her? Report Save. They both see the other twin as better than themselves. Congratulations on the milestone! Reply. Now, he's retired as a knight and inherited the Dawn Winery from his father. The elegant and poised Jean Gunnhildr is already Acting Grand Master at such a young age. Scaramouche is first encountered during the event Unreconciled Stars. Genshin Impact Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Lets enjoy If you want to quickly open and access Genshin Impact from multiple devices, create an account and add Genshin Impact to your bookmark. Voice Actors scaramouche. With the brains and tremendous power to back him up,[1] he is an unpredictable person. mona. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Green. 6th harbinger. He's just sneaky in how he goes about it. Bennett, everyone's favorite go-getter is Mondstadt's Adventurer's Guild beloved orphan. Also bringing her young mind and fresh perspective to a stuffy tradition, Xianling is all about enjoying what you enjoy. Like many gacha games, Genshin Impact has a plentiful ensemble of playable characters most of which seem too young to be wielding weapons and charging at monsters for the sake of Mondstadt. Japanese Name (“You’ve got no choice but to accept it as it is.” Scaramouche said, almost sadly while staring as someone was killed in front of you two-). Fatui No wonder she's known to be everyone's savvy and friendly big sister. Chinese Name Xingqiu (Chinese: 行秋 Xíngqiū) is a playable Hydro character in Genshin Impact. Fanart. when [name] finds herself thrown into a lake in another world, she must accustom herself to this new place, as she knows she'll need the necessary resources. Growing up separately from her sister as she lived with her father, she leads two lives as an idol and as the deaconess of the Church of Favonius, vowing to make Mondstadt's citizens feel better emotionally and physically. 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Age: Physically, 15. 3d bara boy game hot kinky male model naked nsfw nude r18 scaramouche sexy showcase lgmods genshinimpact Genshin Impact : Scaramouche (Showcase). genshin impact fanart. Scaramouche would train you harshly and isn’t afraid to force open your eyes to the harshness of reality- just bc ur a kid doesn’t mean ur an exception to the rules of reality. Vitalized Dragontooth - Location & How To Get . Purple. Scaramouche 散兵 Sǎnbīng At age twenty, Tartaglia has a secret. Yellow. Tweet; Share; Related Featured Articles. His attire is consists of black shorts and black slippers, and a large hat with four upwards-curving hooks along the circumference, and what seems to be his mask on the center. In Game Rules: No Oc No smut/Lemon (for now) No requests, but suggestions are allowed. Despite the fact that helping others is her duty as a maid, helping others is something she truly enjoys. [1] He has a significantly youthful appearance, short in height with dark navy blue hair that covers his ears and dark blue-lit eyes with bold red eyeliner. Age: 14. Barbara is Jean's younger sister who wishes she could be as talented (and as tall) as Jean. Mona senses Scaramouche's intent to kill the Traveler and teleports herself, Fischl and the Traveler away before Scaramouche is able to interact with them further. Answering the call of destiny, we have descened upon Teyvat." Genshin Impact is miHoYo's first ever open-world game, where beliefs in "The Seven" converge in the fantasy world of Teyvat. Original Poster 2 months ago "quoted by local hentai artist" 3. Some say he has a disagreeable personality, being difficult to get along with, while others say he doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut. Vitalized Dragontooth - Location & How To Get. MEI TERUMI ASK BLOG. Which Genshin Impact character are you? So, this article assumes Mondstadt's legal drinking age will follow that of Germany's which is 16 years old. RELATED: Genshin Impact: 8 Most Powerful "Free" Characters, Ranked. At the back of his hat hangs a translucent black veil separated into two, with ombre brown swirls near the bottom. Genshin. the skirmisher. (But really, 2600 years old). I see the two twins age as around 18- 20 range but look underage. So nice of them to give the models out for free. Even though Xingqiu has a reputation for being naturally well-mannered and intelligent, he still is going through his rebellious years. Even at the cost of his life, he will never admit to anyone (even himself) that his first love was a cross-dressing Scaramouche. 35. my art. Here's all you need to know about them. I would love if you could sketch out me an OC from the screenshot — Name: Lukas. Impressively, she's also the three-time champion of Mondstadt's Gliding Championship. A true lone wolf, this young lad is rarely seen interacting with humans, though doesn't mind hanging with an actual wolf pack every now and then. Report Save. Then again, much like in the universe of every good gacha game, age is relative. A low growl penetrated throughout the gray twilight, shallow and rumbly like a machine rolling over gravel. Keqing is everyone's favorite skeptic, even favored by the gods themselves. Scaramouche, known by his alias "Balladeer" (Chinese: 散兵 Sǎnbīng, "Skirmisher"), is No. Scaramouche is a character in Genshin Impact. Not your average bard that likes to woo anything that breathes, Venti is as old as old gets. digital art. It's not like her undead brain had the chance to develop to its full capacity. Hi! Age, like the rest of the cast, is questionable but based on the fact they cannot be given alcohol since they're underage, the educated guess is 15 years old. Male Wounds have healed, but the peace that should have fallen over the city of wind, Mondstadt, did not arrive. Height: 158.6cm. share. scaramouche. Brown. And as a renowned merchant and owner of the Jade Chamber, commerce. The domineering Fatui have risen up in the name of "defense" to oppress other city-states. genshin impact scaramouche. Crimson Agate - All Locations & Map. This banner text can have markup.. web; books; video; audio; software; images; Toggle navigation Japanese Quite the eccentric fellow, Kaeya is Diluc's adopted older brother (according to the webtoon). 6th of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers Xingqiu is the more relaxed second son of the family, he's also not afraid to indulge in whatever hobbies interest him. Works; Bookmarks; Filters; RSS Feed; Pages Navigation ← Previous; 1; 2; 3; Next → … Also the term "youngest" can be ambiguous even in the original (it can be in terms of age or being the newest Harbinger) but … 4. 17. Translated Names Check this Genshin Impact guide on Scaramouche's skills and build. 8. 9 notes Dec 9th, 2020. Elegant and divine in demeanor, she's said to embody law and order. Nation Like the curious child she is, her toy of choice is anything that goes boom. Like a true Leo, she's passionate about what she does, ever-eager  and straight to the point, unafraid to tackle anything that comes her way. Last Updated: 2021/1/7 04:55. See the Mysterious Boy from Inazuma, Inazuma Vagrant, voice actor, name, weapons & more! Materials / Items List & How To Get. Pirate and Captain of  the Crux Fleet, Beidou's strength and command come from years of experience as one of the eldest among the playable characters cast. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo. 1. Hailong Dong (董海龙), aka "鹿喑kana"[citation needed] Affiliation The lush landscape of the fantasy world of Teyvat combine with the anime influences popular in Japanese mobile games to create a unique fusion of the two styles. What the Skies Conceal, the Water Reveals, The oldest of the playable characters, Lisa is the intellectual librarian with years of literary knowledge tucked into every crevice of her brain. It was a dark secret—one which he will take to his grave. Age: 16 (Technically 4 years old considering he's a leap year baby). Die Katastrophe, die das Land durchmachen musste, ist nun vorüber und seine Wunden können langsam heilen. during the event quest "The Crisis Deepens," where he introduces himself as a "vagrant from Inazuma." #genshin impact #childe #scaramouche #fatui #genshin impact fatui #genshin impact scaramouche #genshin impact childe #art #fanart #inspiration from quote be and my bff at 80 on pinterest idek original source but it suit them #i hope scara is childe senpai #it be funny #scaramouche senpai #they hate each other #endearing #baby Two ornamental accessories hang from red threads attached to the back of his hat. The game features a fantasy open-world environment and action-based battle system using elemental magic and character-switching, and uses gacha game monetization for players to obtain new characters, weapons, and other resources. Hot Topic. And while many share the same dreams as her, her persistent desire to grow and learn will surely get her there. Age Difference; Fluff; Reader is From Another World; How Do I Tag; I'll add more tags later; Rape/Non-con Elements; extremely sorry for late chapters; Summary . He takes interest in the Traveler's title of "Honorary Knight," but doesn't elaborate further before a Millelith arrives and he takes his leave. go fatui boy go, Nov 27th 36 notes. Red. (Genshin Impact) OC Generator event: @abm081104 ’s OC. 252 notes. Once passionate and determined to protect Mondstadt no matter what, his internal flame flickered away after the poor handling of his father's death when he was 18. Although legal drinking ages usually are older, Mondstadt is said to be inspired by Germany. Sex Portrait Aether: *slightly shifts his bag full of 500 lieutenants insignias* who me why I would never what’s a Fatui . Lisa is proof that wisdom really does come with age. A new age is upon us. As a Harbinger, Scaramouche is naturally a cunning individual. Although she got a boost from the Gunnhildr name as the eldest child and successor to the oldest family of knights in Mondstadt, her reputable reliability is one definitely earned through her determination and dedication to protect Mondstadt. That said, Mihoyo never released canon ages and heights for these characters. Learn about Scaramouche's stats, strengths and weaknesses, and our rating of the character in this complete profile! He voices frustration at being unable to take down the Traveler, calling in several subordinates to pursue them, but meteorite flies over his head as one of them informs him that it's the largest so far, so he rescinds those orders and sends them back to their original tasks. Orange. At least that's how Fischl likes to introduce herself. The devastation that once swept the land has finally ceased. He later appears in What the Skies Conceal, the Water Reveals, where he greets the Traveler, Fischl, and Mona as the trio is discussing the meteorite crisis. Little adorable Qiqi has the body of an 8-year-old, but is also technically older since she was resurrected as a zombie. 1 - 20 of 46 Works in Scaramouche (Genshin Impact) Navigation and Actions. With 25 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress. He is the second son of the Guild Manager of the Feiyun Commerce Guild, an influential group in Liyue, and is also a self-proclaimed practitioner of the Guhua Clan's arts. Sucrose's name isn't the only thing that's sweet about her. As a prodigal scientist (and quite a young one at that), Sucrose uses her alchemy to mutate already existing life in hopes of improving it. Genshin Impact . His overall attire resembles traditional Japanese or Chinese wear. This fiery boy with the short fuse used to be a loyal member of the Knights of Favonius. Hello! Some say poor, others may say practical. About Scaramouche being an Inazuman and older than Tartaglia: I find it weird that the characters didn't bat an eye when Scara claimed he came from Inazuma and wore Inazuman clothes; if he was a Snezhnayan or something, think someone would comment about it? 2 months ago. Geoculus Locations & Map. Reply. Last time I worked with anything model/texture related was for FFXIV. 스카라무슈 Seukaramusyu genshin scaramouche. Beautifully blond with glowing golden eyes, the male and female travelers are like grown fraternal twins, sharing everything but their height. Genshin Impact - Wiki Guide & Walkthrough. Hier herrschen die Götter, die über die sieben Elemente verfügen. 88,056 reads. They have been together for their entire lives. Despite misfortune following him like a shadow, his determination keeps him going as the last member of "Benny's Adventure Team". "Fischl, Prinzessin der Verurteilung of the outer realm Immernachtreich, and her kin, the night-bringing raven. scaramouche. RELATED: Genshin Impact: 10 Best Characters To Include In Your Party, Ranked. I might have to play around with these.
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