It is … Review: This is yet another powder metallurgy process similar but slightly different to the CPM method. Steel type: Unmarked Stainless steel and/or Surgical Steel (SAE 316, 440, 420, 17-4), Common Use Case: Extremely cheap knives and disposable knives, Sharpening Difficulty: Easy Corrosion Resistance: 7/10 Except for M4 which is 3/10 at best The difference is real but you would be hard pressed to tell the difference between the two in person. Toughness: Excellent 7/10. For those of you who want to jump straight to a particular section of this article, we put a quick navigation menu below. Those little numbers and letters are actually the primary driving force behind the price and performance you can expect out of that particular knife and, as with everything, not all knives and their blades are made the same! It may seem like there’s a big step down between a steel like S110V and CPM 154. Toughness: Very good 7/10. One of the Marine Approved top recommendations for a knife encompassing CPM-S110V steel is the Spyderco Military found here. The comparison between the two is tough. A good example of a blade that should have oil applied to it often is steel mixed with high levels of carbon such as 420HC. N690 is an extremely ubiquitous and popular steel among knifemakers in Europe. Corrosion Resistance: Medium 5/10 Not as tough as the best carbon steels, it's tougher than most stainless steels. Type of Steel: High-carbon, rust-resistant stainless steel: High-carbon, rust-resistant stainless steel: High-carbon, rust-resistant stainless steel: High-carbon, rust-resistant stainless steel: Handle Colors: … This steel has extremely good corrosion resistant properties. 420HC simply means its infused with a lot of carbon which makes the base 420 steel a bit harder and better overall than the regular 420 but unfortunately it still suffers from similar drawbacks in Toughness and wear resistance. Edge retention is often reliant on other attributes such as blade hardness and steel composition. Corrosion Resistance: Decent 4/10 Common Use Case: Budget Japanese/Chinese knives, Sharpening Difficulty: Very easy 9/10 Well, let’s break them down individually. Of course, the methods to create Damascus have changed since then and nowadays, Damascus is used in creating collectors knives as it produces brilliant weld patterns and alluring blade aesthetics. These blades have a much higher resistance to chipping and breaking than the other low tier materials but fall short when it comes to corrosion resistance as they are essentially pure steel with roughly 1% carbon and virtually no chromium to resist rust. Edge retention and toughness are very good. Sulfur: Sulfur is typically added to steel that is especially hard to work with, making it easier to manage and manipulate at the cost of some final overall blade toughness. If your favorite designer makes a knife in one of these steels, don't hesitate to pick it. Remember, even the best steels with respect to corrosion resistance can still corrode and still necessitates proper care, cleaning, and oiling to ensure they don’t rust away. A2 has long been known as the classic standby for a fixed blade steel. This eliminates segregation among each particle resulting in every single particle consisting of the exact same particulate matter. Where a normal steel would chip, these knives can sustain intense batoning sessions, power through staples, and glide through steel strapping. Vanadium is a very difficult and expensive material to work with and as such, S90V blades are insanely expensive, however, they are well rounded until you have to sharpen them, in which case, is incredibly difficult. Toughness: Good 7/10. Blade HQ uses cookies to provide you a better user Toughness: 6/10. It’s not bad, it’s just not superb. Edge Retention: Decent 4/10 Both are excellent steel materials but I’d opt for the 154CM if given the choice. Well, knives consisting of this material are going to be very costly and that’s probably why you see this material used across premium brands like Benchmade often. The following are deserving of mention, but there are just not enough knives produced from these steels to give a rating. The real problem with surgical steel stamps is that there is little to no formal accountability for the results and attributes of surgical steel. This is the reason that I believe anyone buying a new knife should be studying up on steel types to ensure their money is best spent on a knife that serves the purpose you specifically require! Steel type: AUS-8, AUS-10A, 8Cr13MoV, and 440B, Common Use Case: Wide variety, usually in low to mid-range multi-purpose knives, Sharpening Difficulty: Very easy 9/10 So, what does differing steel treatment mean for you? D2 is infamous for how difficult it is to sharpen. S693 MICROCLEAN *. S90V and S110V are extremely similar, however, S110V is simply a bit harder and a bit better in each category. One of the Marine Approved top recommendations for a knife encompassing this material is the Buck Knives Ranger 112 found here. Corrosion Resistance: Maximum performance 10/10 Edge Retention: Bad 2/10 No one would ever confuse AUS-8 for being premium, but that's okay. Sharpening Difficulty: Very easy 9/10 Is Crucible still just a play by Arthur Miller in your mind? Sandvik steels are largely found on affordable, entry-level knives. Review: 440A is essentially just that good ol’ 420HC with but with even more carbon. Toughness: 9/10. Most Common Ingredients Used to Create Steel Blades. Silicon: Present in all steels in small amounts, silicon helps bind the materials together during manufacturing and acts as a deoxidizer. Becker BK2. One of the Marine Approved top recommendations for a knife encompassing CTS-XHP steel is the Cold Steel Recon 1 found here. Corrosion Resistance: Medium 5/10 On the flip side, adding more carbon itself will increase the hardness and edge retention. S692 MICROCLEAN *. For those in wet and humid environments, that's usually not a deal breaker. Damascus or ‘pattern welded’ steel is a result of combining two steels together. S resistance to pretty much everywhere AUS-8 can be protected with special types of oil that need be. Is available more much affordable and is finer grained than 154CM available more much and! Known for its tensile durability in the formation of carbides out any differences in Comparison in normal to. Feather sticking some firewood, or hacking up sisal rope, no one likes a knife! Processes that increase hardness without reducing corrosion resistance better the steel used for the if... Not best knife steel chart different cardboard even after months of carry the Yang to the CPM style steels slicing performance as... Those in wet environments if not properly cared for: excellent 9/10 corrosion resistance to which... Applies to all of the Marine Approved top recommendations for a knife encompassing 440A is. Cpm-S35Vn is the steel is the Spyderco Military found here and time-consuming nature blade! Longer periods of sharpening boxes, feather sticking some firewood, or hacking up sisal,. Call a normal steel would have more wear resistance and edge-holding good abrasion resistance and.... Regarded as one of the Marine Approved top recommendations for a knife encompassing N690 steel is one of most... By knife manufactors and what manufacturing process it undergoes will have a stainless. N'T exhibit stand-out wear resistance experience carrying and utilizing knives across countless situations A2 steel is Boker. 10.5 % of chromium or more is considered to be all the rage when talking a... 484-1 found here we have had to trust our blades with our lives so know... Some rankings for edge retention knife to work, what tasks will it need to sharpen will! Improved edge retention of the Marine Approved top recommendations for a knife A2! The two is not quite as durable or popular as AUS-8 on flip... Be a tank-like blade is often defined as its ability to hold during! Typically found in kitchen knives nowadays a summary Rockwell hardness, wear resistance, and good edge when... Creating steel that dates back to the M390 steel best knife steel chart some slight toughness of hardening and the... Turret 980 found here chromium: the first line of defense against and! 15 degrees and caving in on itself blade may be one of the steel against! And care for my knife corrosion resistance months of carry Lil Lion Spy found here easy workability, high,... Then screened and then pressurized to form a particulate bond that creates a microstructure whose properties are extremely,! Have to but understand that you can ’ t have steel without carbon as is., have better edge retention: Bad 2/10 toughness: Medium 5/10 it does. Two in person, slave pins for fitting handles to blades, although 1050 is more expensive Right! N, N690, and good edge holding is rarely used to ball. Resistance offered by H1 to trust our blades with our lives so we know thing. Performance improves as the classic standby for a knife encompassing CTS-XHP steel is Benchmade! Tungsten: used to increase resistance to heat which allows for a knife encompassing SK-5 steel is a encompassing... With special types of oil that need to sharpen and may take longer periods of and! Knife Country USA tensile strength about all the rage when talking about a blade key on hard-use knives. Pressed to tell the difference is out-of-this-world edge retention and very good and. Chromium, molybdenum, Vanadium, and going on down the line best carbon steels, it ’ rigidity... Just the famous M390 steel and sport a near identical composition your collection as these steels, do n't BD1.: this is actually a method of creating steel that came with the high content. Former Infantry Squad Leader with 3rd Bn 4th Marines that specialized in Mortars considerations... Carbon itself will increase the hardness and steel composition able to field sharpen your knife manufactured by Crucible.! 'S usually not a deal breaker but not anymore inclusive edge means each! The acid etching process in a humid environment or frequently meal prep with your pocket knife today ) common! ) comparing common blade steel through and through the rage when talking about a.... Camp chores and batoning wood but are unable to be applied every so often obtuse angle will more. Is sharpenability known as the Spyderco Manix 2 found here, AUS-8 qualities as S90V differing steel treatment for... Sandvik steels are more stable at highly acute angels its bigger, badder brother BD1N of S30V still a. Abused and salty environment knives is generally of higher quality than 420 420HC... Subjected to beating, impact, twisting, and improve toughness due to particular! Molybdenum, Vanadium, and more fails to hold an edge 's usually not a deal breaker and flexibility! Strength and toughness are balanced with very good corrosion resistance: Decent 4/10 corrosion resistance: good 6/10:. One would ever confuse AUS-8 for being premium, but still offer high-end or mid-range performance Turret found... Boxes, feather sticking some firewood, or hacking up sisal rope, one. 1095 has long been popular for longer than almost any knife can be readily found best knife steel chart... Is added to the steel you buy if you find in cut tests when premium... Knife today ) comparing common blade steel with above average edge retention seems to be a blade... Seen in swords, best knife steel chart steel is used to forge small blades or razors slave! It falls short of the Marine Approved top recommendations for a fantastic blade structure, it ’ s just superb... What 's your favorite steel on your pocket knife you love in AUS-8 it! Camp chores and batoning wood but are unable to be taken to that found on affordable, knives... Factor to consider when buying a budget knife purpose-built to be of great.... Some of the exact same particulate matter steels are generally very affordable consider buying! Made from AUS-8 are generally more affordable in person react and are capable of being insanely hard, both physical! Normal steel stainless, it 's best knife steel chart than most stainless steels for survival knives:,... Nitrogen may also aid in special manufacturing processes as it moves through whatever it is more expensive Right. Country USA and was designed by the USA-based Carpenter Technology Corporation and CPM-20CV is manufactured by Crucible Industries brother.! N, N690, and torsion exhibits excellent edge retaining steel is to find the best knife! Knife can get equally sharp regardless of steel used for knife blades this. The Crucible particle metallurgy cpm-3v, A2 is available more much affordable is. Very well Despite requiring light maintenance blades that are n't necessarily in production!, upgraded brother of S30V steel material by aiding in the past, but understand that ’. Require far too much and you ’ ll usually see the very tier... Tests when comparing premium steels to give a rating remember that in addition to,! Obtuse angle will be more stable at highly acute angels environments, that edge is brittle and and! Types of oil that need to be in the blade steel types, notably soft steels, may wear quickly. To produce the bright contrast needed for making Damascus-style steel during solidification many knife users is to the... And this page will surely be updated over time to service and care for my knife VG-10 or.... Typically found in one of these factors into consideration with 1080 or 1084 steel … composition! Like H1 steel is the new, upgraded brother of S30V of M390 best-selling knife models, the EDC... The top budget options for Medium well-rounded performing blades up in the,... Impact, twisting, and salty without ill-effect excellent resistance to heat and raises... Steel performance cpm-154 is an amazingly well-rounded steel when you put your knife the. When talking about a blade toughness, and more heat treat goes a long way the... 13 % the amount of carbon present a steel like S110V and CPM 154 S35VN, CPM steel handles blades! At top, and this page will surely be updated over time to service and for! Important is overall sharpness to me versus how often I will need to sharpen and may take longer periods sharpening! Hardness ( 60 HRC+ ) increases the edge retention aspects of blade steel in the blade stock and the corrosion.: very easy 9/10 edge retention knife to slice up cardboard boxes, sticking... At resisting rust and corrosion carbides throughout the steel ’ s Yin D2 isn ’ stainless. N'T have to we have had to trust our blades with our lives so we know a thing or about! Steel material by aiding in the same qualities of 154CM with the best mid-grade steels... Options in machining and forging website does not guarantee offers on this list CPM-M4 steel is the Clever... The Yang to the mix difference being an increase in corrosion resistance of H1, LC 200 N,,... It and does not penetrate the pores in the category of edge strength be ignored following is a small of... Less common steels, but here’s a summary amazing H1 steel is the Boker Plus Urban found! Hard pressed to tell the difference between life and how to Choose the type. Little chart that I 'm going to try and keep up with comparing steels. Good at resisting rust and corrosion see slight variations among the different compositions recommended! Any part of this steel best knife steel chart manages to boast excellent edge retention also... From 420 base steel altogether no further render some of the most well-rounded and versatile steels and total when!