Produced on a budget of ₹500–600 million, Oopiri and Thozha were released globally on 25 March 2016. Thozha (English: Mate) is a 2008 Tamil film which released on 11 April 2008. The story is about four friends and one of them sacrificing his life for the sake of friendship. The film focuses on the lives of Vikramadhitya (Nagarjuna), a quadriplegic billionaire, and Seenu (Karthi), his ex-convict caretaker. 12+ ... Movies. [42], According to PVP Cinema's Kamineni, a substantial portion of Oopiri would be filmed abroad. Karthi, King Nagarjuna & Thamanna is on leading roles in this film. [36] Anushka Shetty and Adivi Sesh made cameo appearances as a couple;[37] the former played Nagarjuna's ex-girlfriend in the film. Seenu is then forced to propose to Keerthi, who later accepts. 5 lakhs to kill Velu. [68], According to Anupama Subramaniam of Deccan Chronicle, Thozha had an "alluring story" supported by "extraordinary performances, sound technical departments and rich production values". He defends his decision to Prasad, saying that Seenu is the right person for the time being since he is the only one who does not pity him. Hindi Bengali Telugu Malayalam Tamil Marathi English Kannada . Seenu leaves moments before Priya arrives. [19] An assistant checked to see if the actor moved his limbs during filming, and scenes had to be re-shot a number of times. This is a list of Tamil language films produced in the Tamil cinema in India that were released in 2015. He seeks a man who can take care of him with all his personal needs. Karan Johar and Guneet Monga acquired the Indian remake rights to Olivier Nakache & Éric Toledano's French comedy-drama film, The Intouchables (2011) in May 2014. Soundtrack was composed by Premji Amaran and lyrics were written by Gangai Amaran, Vaali and Snehan. [18], – Nagarjuna on playing a quadriplegic, in a March 2016 interview with The Hindu[7], Nagarjuna played the wheelchair-bound quadriplegic in the film, and a ₹2.5 million customised wheelchair was imported from Sweden for the role. Gopi Sunder composed the film's soundtrack and score, and P. S. Vinod was its cinematographer. Triloka Sundari is a 1980 Indian Telugu film, directed by Singitam Srinivasarao produced by Pinjala Subba Rao, Banner P.S.R.Productions. So the film is on strong ground when focusing on its protagonist but turns slow and dragging when dealing with the people surrounding him. [38] Gabriella Demetriades was cast in August 2015 after auditioning with five other international models in Hyderabad,[39] and the film was her South Indian acting debut. Best Telugu Movies 2018. [25] The actor said that some changes were made in the remake, since some situations in the original "just could not work in the Indian scenario". [60] PVP Cinema also distributed Oopiri and Thozha overseas for ₹40 million. Companion). Seenu learns about Vikramadhitya's past from Prasad, and suggests a vacation in Paris. Seenu, a paroled convict, applies for the job in accordance with his lawyer's (Lingam) advice; the job would prove to the court that Seenu is leading a law-abiding life, closing his case. [46] Key scenes, including a car chase, and some songs were filmed as part of the schedule. Actor Babu popularly known as 'Enn Uyir Thozhan' Babu after making his acting and writing debut in the 1991 movie directed by Bharathiraja … Those four actors have already worked together in (Chennai 600028). The friends are divided, and the outcome of the clashes between them forms the climax. [21] Principal photography began in Chennai on 16 March 2015. The overseas screen count was 225. [5] Oopiri is the first Indian remake of The Intouchables. She was born in Rajasthan on April 15, 1970 and is … January 8, 2021இணையத்தில் தமக்கான இடத்தை தக்கவைத்த காதல் ஜோடி (Video). wow super movie ekak thanks for sub. Principal photography began in March 2015, ending the following February. Thozha is a 2016 Indian movie directed by Vamsi Paidipally starring Karthi, Nagarjuna, Tamannaah and Prakash Raj. Her better known Rajasthani movies are Supattar Bindani, Bai chali Sasaria and Veer Tejaji amongst others. Despite his disability, Vikramadhitya charms Jenny with his wit. [59] Oopiri was released on 500 screens in Andhra Pradesh and 200 screens in Telangana; Thozha was released on nearly 400 screens in Tamil Nadu. He is detested by his mother (a railway clerk) and his siblings, Swathi and Kanna. [7] Production was scheduled to begin in December 2014, when Nagarjuna would be available. Nithin Sathya, Premji, Vijay Vasanth and Ajay Raj play the lead roles while Nancy Jennifer, who has appeared in sister roles in Ghilli and Jambhavan is making her debut as a heroine. Thozha Tamil Movie - Overview Page - Thozha is a 2016 tamil family drama film directed by Vamsi Paidipally starring Nagarjuna Akkineni, Karthik Sivakumar, Tamannah Bhatia, Vivek , Prakash Raj , Anushka Shetty in lead roles.